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Lockdown DJ

I've not written a blog for a long time; life seemed to have got in the way. I thought lockdown would give me more time to think and reflect, but that hasn't been the case!

I'm not going to lie, the minute lockdown hit, and the seriousness of Covid-19 came to light, I panicked! My business is based around entertaining, DJing, to sometimes over 1000 people, how could I survive?

After a few days of panic, and having serious words with myself, it didn't take long for my business and marketing mind to kick in; and I realised it's not all about survival; it's also about adapting and most importantly, communication.

Once I had made contact with some of the most amazing couples who I have ever worked with and put in place a plan B for their weddings, not forgetting all my lovely corporate clients and my fabulous agents, I had the chance to think about how I could go forward and create a concept for my business that would work during the pandemic and still entertain people safely.

Luckily my husband is very tech-savvy, being a project manager at Delta Events. With his help, I have managed to continue DJing throughout the crisis, albeit in a very different way!

Zoom has become my best friend; It means I can DJ to 100's of people, take requests and communicate and best of all see everyone!

I have marketed a package that has been so successful I am not only DJing to people in Jersey but celebrations and corporate parties all over the UK.

It hasn't been an easy few months, it's been a lot of hard work, and I've had sleepless nights, but I wanted to share that lockdown doesn't always mean you have to stop what you love to do.

Over the last few weeks, I've seen so many local businesses adapt successfully to the new way of the world, and all of these success stories have come from adopting and communication.

I'm still very much looking forward to getting back out there and doing what I do best. Over the last few weeks I've rearranged all my bookings, and taken a number of new ones, this means next year's diary is jam-packed with amazing celebrations.

Most importantly, though, for now, we must stay safe, and although we can't party in the same room, we can party together, albeit virtually.

Lots of love and stay safe

DJ Mel x


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