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The new normal!

It's hard to imagine that it's the middle of July and my new DJ kit has not left my front room since February! But that doesn't mean to say it hasn't been used!

Like many people who work in the events and entertainment industry in Jersey, 2020 was down to be a bumper year, that's why I invested in new kit, I needed to cope with demand. To date I've had to move 50 weddings and events to 2021 or even 2022 and with their being just one of me it's been no mean feat but with the help of some of my amazing DJ friends who have taken some of them on I've managed to reorganise every event.

But back to my new DJ kit! It was a big investment for my little business and I couldn't leave it sitting gathering dust so I turned my business on its head!

When I left Kasbar and started DJ Mel I used the tag line, You've spent years coming to hear me DJ now I can come to you' It worked and I think I've DJed in every hotel, venue and marquee site in the island and beyond. Now I really did have to turn that tagline on its head and invite people to join me virtually in my virtual DJ Mel party room!

So that's when; ' Although we can't party in the same room we can still party together', was born!

My Zoom virtual parties have been a huge hit, but I have to admit a lot of hard work, and alot of thinking outside the box. First it's impossible to entertain people for 3 hours just DJing, that can get boring. Zoom is built to be interactive, you can do almost anything! Interaction really is the key, and making sure you see everyone as much as they see you!

Before I go any further, let me explain that DJ Mel may be fronted by me but I have a little team behind me for every event we do! Even in a normal year they help with bookings, logestics, accounts etc. But during Covid it's given them and me the chance to brainstorm, get creative and pull some really exciting virtual parties out the bag!

We have run complete corporate summer parties as close as they could be to physically being in the same room together, we have had welcome drinks, speeches, raffles and even fun evening games and special guests! Alongside my hosting and DJing of course all from my own living room!