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Disco balls are following me everywhere!

Tonight was all about music, ice and a huge spinning disco ball! And before anyone asks it wasn't a dry run for my wedding! I was at the ice rink.

While I was wrapped up in about 4 layers of clothes and two pairs of socks to keep my feet toasty, I realised, this is how cold it could be on my wedding day!

So why have I decided to get married in December? Well firstly if I had been given a £1 for every time I've been asked that question over the last few weeks I think I could have paid for my wedding dress! But seriously the answer is simple I love winter, I love snow and most of all I love Christmas and the smell of pine!

On the other hand though you may have realised that in my profession Christmas time is the most impractical time to have any time off DJing! But I never do anything by halves, I've put my foot down, this is what I want and I'm ready to face the challenge.

Of course I'm not working the day of our wedding, well may be a tune or too it would be rude not too!?! But much to alot of peoples dismay I am throwing myself into DJing events in the run up to the big day and the days after. In return I have had to guarantee I will be completely organised and ready to go by the time festive season 2019 hits.

So enough about the rights and wrongs of choosing December and back onto the disco ball!!!!

While at the rink and staring up at the spinning mirror ball above the ice I had a brain wave!

So on that note I'm off to find out where I can get 6,000 small pieces of mirror from, and someone who can cut me some wood! Once I know my idea is possible I promise I will share it with you but until then have a great weekend. Remember if your out and about... Follow the call of the disco ball!


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