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Controlling the disco

So it's been a few weeks but this weekend I was back in the DJ box, doing what I do best playing party classics! It was the first of many events I have lined up for 2019 and I loved every moment, it also got me thinking about what I wanted playing at my wedding.

When I get booked for a wedding or event I always send out an info sheet for my clients to fill in, providing their favourite songs and artists and those all important songs that they don't want to hear. I tell them to keep a list going on their phone so that when they hear a song on the radio or while they are out and about they can write it down straight away so they don't forget. It's so easy to do, the problem is I'm not taking my own advice!

Over the last few weeks I've heard songs that I think would be fab to have played but that's as far as I'm getting! 1/2 an hour later I've forgotten what the song I was suppose to remember was! So my goal for this week is to take my own advice and start my own list!

The good news is this week we have managed to book most of our wedding entertainment. I'm lucky to know some amazingly talented musicians and DJs and I think our wedding line-up is amazing, but it's staying top secret for now, but I promise I will reveal all in a few months!

I've actually had quite a productive week, DJ Mel paperwork is finally all up to date and wedding planning is going well, so now time to turn my attention to my big 40 party, the locations of choice, either

Glastonbury or Ibiza! I don't do things by halves so watch this space!


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