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Just spinning around!

This week has been mad! I've not had a chance to think! l've literally worked all day and then got home to speak to clients and organise DJ Mel bookings!

January is always busy, it's that time of year where everyone is planning ahead, weddings, parties and events and on top of all of that corporate budgets are out and everyone wants to book everything in early. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I love it and most of all I love talking to people and listening to their amazing plans, but it does mean I've had to put my own party and wedding planning on the back burner.

The good news is that I have managed to order 6,000 little mirror pieces! So once they arrive I can start my challenge of creating... I'm actually really looking forward to it!

I've also had some fab ideas for both my parties and also my DJ Mel business this week. I've just jotted them down and hopefully when things calm down I can get on with putting my ideas into action.

For now though, that will have to wait, the weekend has landed, so I'm off to do what I'm good at play, music and entertain!


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